Topics I Write About

Digital Nomad Tips

As I explore my own digital nomad life, I learn useful tips and tricks to be more effective and efficient.

Traveling Better

I am always on the hunt for tips and tricks to travel better (find cheaper flights, stay safe on the road, etc.)


There are many great blogs out there for eye-candy and useful information about travel destinations so I don't focus on this very often, but I do have a few, hopefully useful posts, including my budget breakdowns for Central America and South America.

Language Learning

Over the years I have studied Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai. I don't write frequently on this topic, but I do run two resource sites, one for learning Spanish and one for learning Japanese. I also have written a very extensive overview of how to learn a language

Recent Articles

What Every Traveler and Digital Nomad Needs to Know about Passwords


Though this blog—and thus this article—is focused on travel and location independence, the advice I will offer regarding passwords should be useful for anyone trying to protect a computer or online activity. How Do Our Password Protections Fail? It might seem a bit negative to start with the weaknesses of passwords, but the fact is…
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