Thoughts on Learning the Thai Language after One Year

“Everyday, Thais see me studying Thai, reading books in Thai, writing Thai, etc. And they always ask, ‘is it fun to learn Thai?’ And I tell them, ‘NO, it ain’t fun and it hasn’t been fun even a single day of learning this language.’ In fact, early on I’d rather have teeth pulled without anesthetic any day of the week than invest more time studying … [ Read more ]

Studying Thai in Chiang Mai: Advice from a Long-Term Chiang Mai Resident

I recently came to Chiang Mai to focus on writing and other projects. As someone who is generally interested in languages and in getting to know locals that might not be able to speak English, I decided that studying the Thai language would be a worthwhile investment of time and money. While multiple people have recommended just going the self-study route, I think it is … [ Read more ]

Foreign Language Study: A Language Learning System

language study

After nearly three years traveling Latin America I have achieved an advanced—though not fluent—level in Spanish (my estimations, not based on official testing). Currently I am in Brazil trying to pick up Portuguese and I estimate my current level to be low intermediate after three months here. I also studied Japanese some years ago and and I estimate I reached an intermediate level with that. … [ Read more ]

Improve Your Foreign Language Skills with MiniLyrics and Subtitles

At some point in the process of learning another language you find yourself looking for new and interesting ways to improve your abilities. At the same time, if you travel in countries that speak the language or meet other travelers who speak that language, you will likely hear and/or discuss music and TV/movies. Both of these entertainment media options can be helpful in improving your … [ Read more ]