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I recently discovered the pleasures of long-distance hiking (I have always enjoyed day hikes) and completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2019. I hope to add the Pacific Crest Trail, Camino de Santiago and some other long trails in the future.

Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicator

How to Choose the Best Satellite Messenger or Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) for Hiking

Introduction Let me start by saying I am NOT an expert on satellite communication or personal location devices. I'm just a hiker who wanted to know what device was best for my PCT thru-hike and went down the rabbit hole of research (Google, YouTube, FB hiking groups) to find out. What I found was that there are many reviews of specific devices and some comparison reviews … [ Read more ]

Hiking gear

Lightweight Hiking Gear: Popular Large and Cottage Gear Companies

Here is a list of well-regarded hiking gear companies. It is far from exhaustive and I am sure I have left out some good brands, but it is a good place to start if you are new to long-distance hiking and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Some of these are big brand names found in stores, some are independent but do sell through Amazon, and … [ Read more ]

sierras 1640178152 150x69 - Pacific Crest Trail Resources

Pacific Crest Trail Resources

Planning to thru-hike or section hike the PCT? I hope you will find this collection of Pacific Crest Trail resources useful for preparing. Please note that I am mostly including only PCT-related links here but I also have a more general long-distance hiking resources page as well that you should definitely check out. If you are also interested in someday hiking … [ Read more ]

Traveling Better

I am always on the hunt for tips and tricks to travel better (find cheaper flights, stay safe on the road, etc.)

digital camera2 150x150 - Digital Camera Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Digital Camera Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Buying the perfect digital camera is tough because there are so many good choices. Here is everything you need to know to make the best purchase.

Packing list generator using Google Sheets spreadsheet

What to Pack: The Ultimate Travel Packing List and Custom List Generator

Travel packing depends on your lifestyle, your destination, your planned activities and the amount of time you will be traveling. Here is a comprehensive travel packing list with 300+ items that should cover most travel situations. The idea is not to pack every item listed here but rather to create a customized list for each trip you take, while hopefully getting occasional “oh, I didn’t … [ Read more ]

woman on phone1 150x105 - Staying Connected in Japan: Phone and Internet Options for Your Trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

Staying Connected in Japan: Phone and Internet Options for Your Trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

I’ve lived a year in Japan and visited multiple times since then. I really love the country, its people and the culture. But, while Japan has long been considered an example of high-tech progress and advanced mobile communications infrastructure, the reality on the ground is quite different, at least from a foreign visitor’s perspective. In fact, while they practically give away prepaid SIM cards in … [ Read more ]

Travel Quotations

I'm an avid reader and I like to collect quotations that inspire or educate. I do that for my business site and I do it for travel as well. I actually have collected a great many quotations but I have only recently started adding them to the site so check back regularly for more.

Ryū Murakami

Every one of a hundred thousand cities around the world had its own special sunset and it was worth going there, just once, if only to see the sun go down.

Haruki Murakami

No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself.

Moorish Proverb

He who does not travel does not know the value of men.

George Moore

A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

Glenn Clark

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.

Digital Nomad Tips

As I explore my own digital nomad life, I learn useful tips and tricks to be more effective and efficient.

WordPress plugins

150+ WordPress Plugins to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

You are probably using some WordPress plugins already, but perhaps you are missing out on some others that can improve your site and blogging skills considerably. That’s understandable since there are so many thousands to choose from and since there are some great plugins that do things you didn’t even know you might want to or be able to do. Here is a list of … [ Read more ]

WordPress logo

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your WordPress Blog or Website

Choosing a web hosting company is either fairly easy or a big headache depending on the number and type of sites you want to host and the specifics of your technical requirements. Factors will include amount of traffic, CPU and memory requirements (based on traffic, but also on how optimized your site is), how much disk space and bandwidth you need (hosting tons of photos, … [ Read more ]

PageSpeed Insights monitoring chart

Automatically Track PageSpeed Insights Over Time

Here are three ways you can automatically query Google's PageSpeed Insights (with Lighthouse and CrUX) to monitor and improve the speed of your site.

Street Art

I am mildly obsessed with street art and try to get photos of it everywhere I go.

Singapore street art

Street Art: Singapore

Continuing to highlight my fascination with street art of all kinds, here are photos I took in Singapore. If you are interested in visiting this city state, check out my detailed Singapore travel guide. [embed-google-photos-album link="" slideshow-delay=4]

Street art - Vienna, Austria

Street Art: Vienna, Austria

Continuing to highlight my fascination with street art of all kinds, here are photos I took in Vienna, which turns out to be one of the best cities for such art that I have visited (other tops spots include: Valparaíso and Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia, Brazil; Bogotá, Colombia; Madrid, Spain; … [ Read more ]

Street art - Paraguay

Street Art: Paraguay

Continuing to highlight my fascination with street art of all kinds, here are photos I took in Paraguay back in late 2011. I never got around to posting them back then so here goes. [embed-google-photos-album link="" slideshow-delay=4]


There are many great blogs out there for eye-candy and useful information about travel destinations so I don't focus on this very often, but I do have a few hopefully useful posts, including my budget breakdowns for Central America and South America

Northern Laos route 150x150 - Three Weeks in Northern Laos: An Itinerary and Budget Breakdown

Three Weeks in Northern Laos: An Itinerary and Budget Breakdown

I recently spent three weeks traveling around Northern Laos. Here is my itinerary, some notes and travel tips and my budget breakdown.

hitchhike 1527055877 150x150 - Getting from Huay Xai or Luang Namtha to Chiang Mai (Laos to Thailand)

Getting from Huay Xai or Luang Namtha to Chiang Mai (Laos to Thailand)

Getting from Luang Namtha, Laos to Chiang Mai, Thailand is not as straightforward as it might seem and can be a challenge to do in one day. Here are your transportation options.

Gardens by the Bay Super Trees

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore is a clean, green and modern city with a surprisingly large number of things to see and do. Here is my guide for what you need to know to make the most of your visit, including recommended sights, and information about transportation options, budgeting, how long to visit, staying connected, food options and more.

Language Learning

Over the years I have studied Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai. I don't write frequently on this topic, but I do run two resource sites, one for learning Spanish and one for learning Japanese. I also have written a very extensive overview of how to learn a language

Anki logo

How to Create an Anki Deck from a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Last Updated: July 18, 2020 I have used Anki for years. It is a very popular and powerful program with an active community. Although one of Anki’s most useful features is the ability to download study material created by others in the community, you will probably want to create your own study materials. You can do so by creating new entries directly in Anki, but if … [ Read more ]

book world1 150x150 - Thoughts on Learning the Thai Language after One Year

Thoughts on Learning the Thai Language after One Year

“Everyday, Thais see me studying Thai, reading books in Thai, writing Thai, etc. And they always ask, ‘is it fun to learn Thai?’ And I tell them, ‘NO, it ain’t fun and it hasn’t been fun even a single day of learning this language.’ In fact, early on I’d rather have teeth pulled without anesthetic any day of the week than invest more time studying … [ Read more ]