Page Speed Insights: More Lessons Learned

Last Updated: May 23. 2020

Five years ago I took a very deep dive to learn all I could about improving page speed for WordPress. I wrote a massive (18,000+ words) page speed optimization guide to share what I learned.

Two years later I switched web hosts, my WordPress theme and my primary optimization plugin. I then wrote a followup article (this page) with 10,000+ words of additional insight.

Recently, having noticed that PageSpeed Insights has undergone major changes since I wrote my guides, I decided a major update/rewrite was in order. Essentially, I have taken all the extra learning that used to be on this page and added it to the original guide and made many other updates and edits.

So, thanks for visiting this page and please read the full guide now.

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  1. Thank you for this helpful resource. Wish I had stumbled upon it sooner than to discover things on my own, which is indeed a time and effort intensive process.

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