150+ WordPress Plugins to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

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You are probably using some WordPress plugins already, but perhaps you are missing out on some others that can improve your site and blogging skills considerably. That’s understandable since there are so many thousands to choose from and since there are some great plugins that do things you didn’t even know you might want to or be able to do. Here is a list of … [ Read more ]

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your WordPress Blog or Website

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Choosing a web hosting company is either fairly easy or a big headache depending on the number and type of sites you want to host and the specifics of your technical requirements. Factors will include amount of traffic, CPU and memory requirements (based on traffic, but also on how optimized your site is), how much disk space and bandwidth you need (hosting tons of photos, … [ Read more ]

Page Speed Insights: More Lessons Learned

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Tips and lessons learned from my efforts to increase page speed and performance. Learn about useful concepts, tools, plugins and code snippets.

How to Score 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights: A Complete Guide to Optimizing WordPress Performance and Speed

Google PageSpeed Insights Perfect Score - mobile

You don’t want visitors to your site to become frustrated because it takes too long to load. You also want to please Google and the other search engines; having a fast, responsive, and optimized WordPress site can help in that regard. There are many tools that can help and I will discuss many of them. Special emphasis will be given to Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI). … [ Read more ]

How to Setup a Development Version of Your WordPress Site on Your Computer

XAMPP 150x150 - How to Setup a Development Version of Your WordPress Site on Your Computer

Whether you are developing a new WordPress site or planning to make any kind of significant change to an existing one, having a development version on your laptop can be immensely helpful, especially for safely testing new plugins, modifying your theme, and testing new updates to make sure they don’t break your site. Having this local setup also lets you work on your site even … [ Read more ]