Travel Tips: Antarctica (Antártida) Travel Guide

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I am one of the fairly small number of travelers who has been fortunate enough take a tour to Antarctica. Unlike for others, it hasn’t been a specific goal of mine for a very long time. Rather, as I started contemplating my lengthy travels in Central and South America, I started hearing about Ushuaia, the “end of the world.” Then I started to hear … [ Read more ]

Travel Tips: Buenos Aires Travel Guide

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Here I will share some of the useful resources and, hopefully, insights I have into the popular South American city of Buenos Aires.

Travel Tips: Uruguay Travel Guide

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I was in Uruguay in September 2011 for a relatively (for me) short trip, visiting Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo, Punta del Este, Villa Serrana, Pueblo Eden, La Paloma, La Pedrera, Valizas, Cabo Polonio, and Punta del Diablo. I was there during the off season and apparently in summer the country is overrun with tourists, many from Argentina. Thus, anything you read here may be completely … [ Read more ]

Street Art: Santiago, Chile

P1070064 1024x768 150x150 - Street Art: Santiago, Chile

Continuing to highlight my fascination with street art of all kinds, here are photos I took in Chile. Again, I found a lot of good art around a university area I visited in Santiago, though the city has several universities and I forget which one this was. I also wish I had the time to visit the other university areas. I DID however, get to … [ Read more ]

Travel Tips: Bolivia Travel Guide

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Bolivia seems to be one of those countries that some people seem to really love while others think it is vastly overrated. Without a doubt, there is a lot of natural beauty on display in this country, with access to 6,000 meter mountains and the Amazon within hours of the impressive capital of La Paz. The Potosí mines are both impressive and deeply sad and … [ Read more ]

Street Art: Valparaíso, Chile

P1070238 1024x768 150x150 - Street Art: Valparaíso, Chile

Continuing to highlight my fascination with street art of all kinds, here are photos I took in the port town of Valparaíso in Chile. This has, so far in my travels, been the best single location for street art. Walking around the city over 4-5 days, I took almost 400 photos! And, I probably missed quite a few. I highly recommend a visit to this … [ Read more ]

Travel Tips: Peru

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General Thoughts on Perú

  • Perú is a paradise for those, like myself, who are interested in archaeological sites. Of course, it’s most famous for Machu Picchu, but there are SO many more archaeological sites to visit besides MP and I encourage you to do so.
  • Use iPerú, found in many tourist locations. It is a great source of unbiased information, including bus routes and schedules,

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Street Art: Costa Rica

CIMG0651 576x768 150x150 - Street Art: Costa Rica

Continuing to highlight my fascination with street art of all kinds, here are photos I took in Costa Rica. I noticed significant differences in style between the Caribbean coastal areas and the rest of the country. The best single spot for street art, as is often the case, was near the university in San José.

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The Poor Man’s Route to Machu Picchu

P1040777 1024x768 150x150 - The Poor Man's Route to Machu Picchu

Alternative Treks
For months I had been planning to do one of the alternative treks to Machu Picchu, having mostly decided on the Salkantay Trek after reading great reviews of it and hearing equally good first-person accounts as well. Of course, being a backpacker, plans change. Arriving in Cuzco in the low season I started looking for an agency to use for the trek. What I … [ Read more ]

Travel Tips: Ecuador

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General Thoughts on Ecuador
I enjoyed my time in Ecuador, but if anything I write below sounds as though I didn’t it is probably because I went to Ecuador after spending three months in Colombia, a country I truly loved. Ecuador certainly has its own natural beauty and other charms, but what left me a bit cold were the people. It wasn’t that they are unfriendly, … [ Read more ]

Street Art: El Salvador

HPIM1950 578x768 150x150 - Street Art: El Salvador

Continuing to highlight my fascination (obsession?) with street art of all kinds, here are photos I took in El Salvador. I found it a fairly rich source, especially the cities along the “ruta de las flores.” I only spent an afternoon in the capitol, San Salvador, but didn’t see a lot there. Most large cities are a good source so perhaps I was just in … [ Read more ]

Street Art: Colombia

P1010126 1024x768 150x150 - Street Art: Colombia

I have a strong fascination (obsession?) with street art of all kinds, but especially murals and graffiti. I have taken photos of street art all over Central America and now am doing the same on my South American journey. In the future I will post my previous photos, but here are those I took in Colombia. I have split them into two groups, Bogotá and … [ Read more ]

Sailing San Blas (Panamá) to Cartagena (Colombia) aboard the Sacanagem

CIMG1537 1024x768 150x150 - Sailing San Blas (Panamá) to Cartagena (Colombia) aboard the Sacanagem

When I started my trip in Mexico in March of 2009 I started hearing about the option of sailing from Panamá to Cartagena, Colombia, visiting the beautiful San Blas islands (also known as the Kuna Yala) en route. Sounded good to me! More than a year later I have realized that travel goal aboard a boat called the Sacanagem captained by Brazilian/French Federico Layolle.Before getting … [ Read more ]