Paragliding (Parapente) in San Gil, Colombia

P1010209 thumb - Paragliding (Parapente) in San Gil, Colombia I went paragliding (parapente) in San Gil, Colombia and made this video of the experience. I set the video to the music of one of Colombia’s most famous musicians, Juanes (yes, without proper permission, but in the spirit of promoting tourism in this amazing country). There are basically two parapente options. The first option is the one I did, is only available in the afternoon and lasts about 15 minutes, soaring about 400 meters above the valley below. It costs 60,000 pesos (currently about US$33). The second option, only available in the morning, is farther away in a much deeper valley (which you can see in the distance in my video) and lasts upwards of 45 minutes. You apparently start at 1000 meters and, thanks to thermal air, reach 3000 meters. It costs 170,000 pesos (currently US$93). Some advice for anyone considering doing this. First, it is much cooler at the site than in town in San Gil, so if you are prone to getting cold, bring a light jacket or sweater and wear pants. In fact, wear pants regardless as there are lots of annoying biting insects flying about and I saw some nasty bites and lots of itching/scratching going on. Also, if you are prone to motion sickness or don’t like adrenaline rushes too much, don’t eat a large meal beforehand! Finally, be aware that the ability to do this activity depends on the weather and, in the rainy season, afternoons can be iffy. In fact, I had to go two days in a row as the first day got cancelled. Usually the event will be cancelled before leaving town, but occasionally the weather fools the guides. The point is: do it as soon in your stay as possible in case it ends up being cancelled. That way you can try again the next day.

Click the image below to view the video…

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