World Tango Stage (Escenario) Championship Videos

Being the world famous home of Tango, it only makes sense that the World Tango Championship was held here in August 2011. My roommate mentioned to me that tickets to the semi-final and final were available one day only and were free. I wanted to go earlier in the day but apparently the line was incredibly long so instead I went to see one of the preliminary rounds of competition and afterwards tried again to get tickets. This time I was in luck with a very short line. There were only tickets to the final and I was limited to two so off Pauline and I went. My camera is just a basic point-and-shoot with not much zoom and we were a bit far from the stage, but I made some videos of the night just the same. I don’t have much to compare with but I have to say I was really impressed and entertained. Watch these videos and you will be as well.

Tango Finals Competition Video: Part I

Tango Finals Competition Video: Part II

Tango Finals Competition Video: Part III

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