How to Renew a Tourist Visa in Brazil

Brazil is a large country to see in just three months. If you find yourself wanting more time to enjoy this beautiful destination and its warm people then you will most likely find it easier to extend your tourist visa inside the country than to make a border run as you might in other locations (e.g., from Buenos Aires to Colonia in Uruguay).

I can’t say for sure if the process is the same in all locations, but I renewed my tourist visa in Salvador da Bahía and the process was straightforward. I just had to go to the Policia Federal office, which in Salvador is located in the lower level of the airport. No appointment was necessary and there was no line when I went. I had a friend call ahead to see what I would need to bring and was told just my passport and the R$67 renewal fee. When I arrived I was told I needed to fill out the GRU form, which I had to do online. Thus, I had to go upstairs to the Internet kiosk and paid the princely sum of R$10 for the privilege. Lesson learned: fill out and print the form before going and save some cash. IMPORTANT NOTE: when you fill out the form you will need to enter the Código da Receita STN, which 140090.

So, with the GRU form filled out I proceeded to the Banco do Brasil (also on the lower level of the airport) to pay the R$67 fee and was given a receipt. I then returned to the police office with the form, receipt and passport. I was asked to fill out another short form and for that I needed a local contact name and address. I presume you could use a hotel or hostel, though I used a friend’s information. I was also asked if I had a flight to leave the country but my explanation that I was waiting to be sure I received the renewal first seemed perfectly acceptable to the gentleman in charge.

After finishing all the above and a short wait (maybe 5 minutes) I was given my passport with 90 new days. Mission accomplished.

One thing to note is that you will be given 90 days (if that is what you request) from the day you renew. This begs the question of when you should renew. Obviously you don’t want to wait until the last second as it is, in theory, possible for them to deny your request. At the same time, if you want to maximize your stay in Brazil you don’t want to renew too early.

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    1. Yes, well I suppose it is, though many things in Brazil are expensive. But, compared to making a border run it is downright cheap. And, wasn't the renewal fee in Argentina 300 pesos? That is even worse. And, unlike in Buenos Aires (from what I have read) I didn't have an all-day ordeal with surly staff so I think I won't complain too much 🙂

    1. I can't say how long it might take in a place like Rio or São Paulo, but probably much longer. The process in Salvador was actually quite short but that was offset by the fact that the bus ride to the airport is about 1.5 hours each way (plus waiting time for the bus which for me was almost an hour returning).

  1. The renewal cost is something we have to bear, I think. I'd rather worry on the process itself. Based on your post, I think it went smooth except on the GRU form. 🙂

  2. Anyone know if this is still how it works? I already know, before going to Brazil, that I want to stay 5 months. So what do I do about my round trip air ticket that I need to show to get my first visa? Will they give me the initial visa if my ticket shows me leaving after the initial visa expires?

    1. One thing you could do is make a fake copy of your fight. Just edit your existing flight confirmation and change the date to be within 90 days and show that when you apply for your visa. Or, make the fake but don't use it unless necessary. Show the proper return flight information when you apply and explain your circumstances. If they are reasonable it should be fine. If not, tell them you will go online and change the date and come back. Then just leave and come back a short time later with the fake copy. Not that I am specifically recommending you attempt to break the rules, but use your own moral compass as a guide.

  3. I’m looking this up in BH, MG. I really appreciate this information. Does it still hold up 3 years later? I plan to call tomorrow to get the costs and paperwork. I really hope they renew my Tourist Visa.

    Are there any ways to ensure it gets renewed or things to avoid being denied?

    Thank you kindly

  4. Hi, thanks for this post, was very useful.
    I thought I’d add my experience as of Feb 2016 – Rid de Janeiro, Galeão international airport, Police Federal office on the 3rd floor, right end of the building past the “foreigners” sign .
    As a slightly cautious individual I went 5 days before my initial visa expired, I was turned away and told to come back 3 days later. Three days late on the second attempt the car broke down on route, didn’t make it, the office chains its doors shut at 15:50.
    Third attempt with two days to go he again tried to ask me to come back on the last day, despite his previous advice. I brought this to his attention and he decided to get on with it.
    They now also demand a bank statement as proof of funds – Was able to get a basic one from an ATM at other end of the building, same floor.
    The GRU form with the tax code 140090 is now R$110,44, was R$67.
    They were strict on the outward ticket – I am cycling to Argentina so had none, I tried the logical point – why buy a ticket if I don’t know if they will grant the extension, but no dice. Down on the second floor are the ticket desks, Air Argentina and GOL were the only carriers going to Argentina (arbitrary but probably cheapest if refund fails). GOL was able to sell be a ticket in 2 min and made a duplicate at the Xerox both back on the third floor R$0.50.
    Sneaked in and was able to go through the process in 10 min.
    Went back down to the GOL desk and after a slightly baffled look was able to get a full refund.

    This is a photo of their check list, ignore the notations, would be great if they had this on the website:

    Hope this helps, I found the whole ordeal a little stressful, Rio can be slow to get around and the airport is not exactly handy.

  5. hi ,,anyone can help me ,,about air plane ticket ,,can it be a reservation one or fully paid one thanks ,,ur suggestions will be appreciated ,,regards

    1. It’s been some years since my experience, but at that time they weren’t too strict. They did look at my printout but didn’t examine it to closely. I think you could probably create a fake ticket (e.g., modify an old one) and be OK. You could also buy a refundable ticket and then cancel it. Finally, there is a service (I forgot the name now, something like that will sell you, for a small fee, a valid ticket that will then expire or something like that. If you are heading there for the Olympics, I have heard they are waving the visa requirement for certain countries, so you might see if yours if one.

  6. Thanks dear JB …u solved all my problem ..i m going tomorrow to policia federal wd a solution of as i have reserved already this just a reservation wd confirmation

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