1. Hi, I’m Mayra from Argentina, and I’ve been traveling for the last two years. On the meanwhile, I worked in order to keep on traveling. I’m a Fashion Designer but the jobs I managed to get were everything but designing. I’m now researching on how to work freelance, so I can keep on traveling and working on something I like.
    So, I wanted to ask you how to get your ebook, or if you have any suggestion?
    I found your site when I was researching on the Farpoint backpack, I think I’ll get the 70 one, since I’m planning on traveling through a year or more.
    Thanks a lot and good luck 🙂

    1. Hi Mayra. Thanks for writing. I hadn’t realized that this page was broken. I have no fixed it and you can see my different Kindle e-Books listed. Unfortunately, none of them will be very helpful to you with your freelance quest and my travel book is still a long way from being finished. Good luck with the travel and the backpack.