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e-Reading: Getting the Most Out of Your Kindle or Other e-Book Reader

e-Reading is a concise, but thorough, guide that will tell you everything you should—but probably don’t—know about reading in the digital age. Whether you are considering a new e-reader or you are the happy owner of a Kindle or other device, this book is for you. Even if you are more concerned with becoming a self-published Kindle author than with learning the ins and outs of e-reading, you will probably find ideas that will help you publish a better quality book and market it more effectively.

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How to Learn a Foreign Language: A Practical Guide with Tips and Resources

Learning a language can be a daunting process. Should you self-study? Take a course? Buy a software program? Hire a private tutor? What kinds of learning systems are available and which might be right for you? How about the myriad online resources available? And, very importantly, where should you begin? And, how long will all this effort take? You will find the answers to these questions in this short but thorough guide to learning a foreign language. In particular, the follow is covered:

  • A look at the systems and techniques advocated by various language learning experts and sites
  • A consideration of personal factors in learning a language (motivation, personality, goals, etc.)
  • A discussion of the 8 language learning blocks with recommended resources for tackling each
  • An overview of the most popular language learning products on the market (Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, etc.)
  • A comprehensive set of resources to aid you with whatever approach to study you pursue
  • An appendix listing every external link (more than 200) referenced in the main text

Whether you are young or old, beginner or advanced, studying your first foreign language or your fifth, there is something for you in this book. If you are a language teacher, this book might help you better understand what your students are up against while giving you ideas and extra resources to aid your teaching efforts.

Backup Book 99x150 - My Books

The Ultimate Backup Guide: Saving, Syncing and Sharing Your Digital Life

While at first glance backup seems like a straightforward topic, it can be complicated by the following common situations:

  • Having more data than you can fit on your computer
  • Using multiple computers that need access to the same files
  • Making some files accessible on the Web for times when you can’t use your own computer
  • Syncing and accessing some files with your mobile devices (phones, tablets)
  • Protecting yourself from a major system crash, theft or disaster
  • Keeping copies of different versions of some files
  • Syncing or backing up only selected files instead of everything

My goal is to help you understand everything you need to know about protecting your data with backups. I will also show you how to sync your files across all your computing devices and how to share selected files or collaborate with others.

Computer Setup Guide 99x150 - My Books

Computer Setup Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Configuring a New or Existing Computer

The book is written mostly as a step-by-step guide, covering the following steps:
Step 0: Pre-Setup
Step 1: Setup Computer and Create Administrator Account
Step 2: Make a System Image
Step 3: Install Antivirus Software & Prevent AutoRun
Step 4: Remove Crapware
Step 5: Update the Operating System (OS)
Step 6: Import Data Files from Your Old Computer
Step 7: Install Printers and Other Peripherals
Step 8: Install and Configure Browser(s) of Choice
Step 9: Install “Essential” Software
Step 10: Perform a Full Security Scan and run CCleaner
Step 11: Create another System Backup
Step 12: Organize, Protect, Sync and Backup Your Data
Step 13: Build a “Rescue” USB Drive
Step 14: Working More Productively with Your Computer
Step 15: Protect Your Computer against Loss or Theft
Step 16: Remotely Access Your Computer from Anywhere
Step 17: Use and Look for Problems
Step 18: Care for Your Laptop
Step 19: Prepare Your Old Computer

Scattered throughout the book you will find hundreds (630+) of links to useful resources. I have further added appendices about caring for your computer, suggested browser add-ons, working without an optical drive, putting your computer to use when idle, and basic troubleshooting ideas.

Protecting Your Privacy 99x150 - My Books

Protecting Your Privacy: A Guide to Keeping Prying Eyes from Your Computer and Online Activities

More and more of our life is becoming digital. Are you prepared to deal with the privacy and security implications of that fact? As a permanent digital nomad, my life is lived online more than most others and I have had to learn about the issues involved the hard way. So, I decided to take a comprehensive look at what I have learned along the journey and share that knowledge with you.

The following topics are covered:

  • Passwords: Everything You Need to Know
  • Protecting Your Computer
  • Protecting Your Files with Encryption
  • Safely Using Public Computers and Networks
  • Wi-Fi and Networking
  • Keeping Your Browsing Activity Private
  • Securing Your Network Connection
  • VPNs and Proxy Servers
  • Chatting Securely
  • Testing Your Security and Privacy
  • Identity Theft

Scattered throughout the book you will find hundreds (370+) of links to useful resources.

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