Travel Tips: Colombia

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General Thoughts on Colombia
I, along with everyone else I have ever met who has traveled Colombia, loved it. I spent a bit more than three months there. The people are great, the country is beautiful and there is plenty to see and do. Crime and the FARC aren’t the problems most people assume and, aside from the big cities, Colombia seemed safer than many places … [ Read more ]

Street Art: Colombia

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I have a strong fascination (obsession?) with street art of all kinds, but especially murals and graffiti. I have taken photos of street art all over Central America and now am doing the same on my South American journey. In the future I will post my previous photos, but here are those I took in Colombia. I have split them into two groups, Bogotá and … [ Read more ]

Paragliding (Parapente) in San Gil, Colombia

P1010209 150x150 - Paragliding (Parapente) in San Gil, Colombia

I went paragliding (parapente) in San Gil, Colombia and made this video of the experience. I set the video to the music of one of Colombia’s most famous musicians, Juanes (yes, without proper permission, but in the spirit of promoting tourism in this amazing country). There are basically two parapente options. The first option is the one I did, is only available in … [ Read more ]

Book Exchanges Around the World

books 150x150 - Book Exchanges Around the World

Today I went in search of a decent place to exchange a book in Bogotá, Colombia. Being a large city with numerous popular hostels, I assumed any number of them would have a moderately good book exchange. I was mistaken. However, after visiting several hostels and asking for suggestions, I was told to visit Bogotá Bike Tours, which does indeed have many books. … [ Read more ]

What Makes for the “Perfect” Hostel?

CIMG09998x6 150x150 - What Makes for the “Perfect” Hostel?

Backpacking invariably means staying in hostels, even if not exclusively. Here is a list, in no particular order, of what I think contributes to making the “perfect” hostel. Obviously not every item will be of equal importance to everyone and this list is a work in progress based on my continuing experiences and your feedback.

  • GREAT staff. I am amazed at how often the staff at

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Sailing San Blas (Panamá) to Cartagena (Colombia) aboard the Sacanagem

CIMG1537 1024x768 150x150 - Sailing San Blas (Panamá) to Cartagena (Colombia) aboard the Sacanagem

When I started my trip in Mexico in March of 2009 I started hearing about the option of sailing from Panamá to Cartagena, Colombia, visiting the beautiful San Blas islands (also known as the Kuna Yala) en route. Sounded good to me! More than a year later I have realized that travel goal aboard a boat called the Sacanagem captained by Brazilian/French Federico Layolle.Before getting … [ Read more ]