The Poor Man’s Route to Machu Picchu

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Alternative Treks
For months I had been planning to do one of the alternative treks to Machu Picchu, having mostly decided on the Salkantay Trek after reading great reviews of it and hearing equally good first-person accounts as well. Of course, being a backpacker, plans change. Arriving in Cuzco in the low season I started looking for an agency to use for the trek. What I … [ Read more ]

Travel Tips: Ecuador

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General Thoughts on Ecuador
I enjoyed my time in Ecuador, but if anything I write below sounds as though I didn’t it is probably because I went to Ecuador after spending three months in Colombia, a country I truly loved. Ecuador certainly has its own natural beauty and other charms, but what left me a bit cold were the people. It wasn’t that they are unfriendly, … [ Read more ]

Travel Tips: Colombia

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General Thoughts on Colombia
I, along with everyone else I have ever met who has traveled Colombia, loved it. I spent a bit more than three months there. The people are great, the country is beautiful and there is plenty to see and do. Crime and the FARC aren’t the problems most people assume and, aside from the big cities, Colombia seemed safer than many places … [ Read more ]

Sailing San Blas (Panamá) to Cartagena (Colombia) aboard the Sacanagem

CIMG1537 1024x768 150x150 - Sailing San Blas (Panamá) to Cartagena (Colombia) aboard the Sacanagem

When I started my trip in Mexico in March of 2009 I started hearing about the option of sailing from Panamá to Cartagena, Colombia, visiting the beautiful San Blas islands (also known as the Kuna Yala) en route. Sounded good to me! More than a year later I have realized that travel goal aboard a boat called the Sacanagem captained by Brazilian/French Federico Layolle.Before getting … [ Read more ]