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Note that some of the following accommodation resources are dedicated sites and some are metasearch or multisite search platforms. For the latter, one thing to note is that you typically cannot screen out dorm rooms and since hostels are now included in most major search sites, that can be an inconvenience when you are looking for budget accommodation.

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  Hostels - Notes  Most of the hotel and metasearch booking sites include hostels these days, but if you are a hostel-only kind of traveler you may prefer to book from HostelBookers (Android, iOS), Hostelworld (Android, iOS), or All three are owned by the same group and you will often read the same reviews across the sites, but the last I checked they do exhibit slight differences and many backpackers seem to prefer one over the other. Alternatively, you can use Hostelz or Hostelzoo, both of which aggregate results from multiple search sites (but not There are also regional chains of hostels like BBH (New Zealand), Che Lagarto (South America), Generator (Europe),  Hosteling International (includes the various YHA groups), Hola Hostels, K’s House (Japan) St. Christopher's Inns (Europe), and VIP Backpackers. You can find a more complete list at the Hostel Management Wiki.