Powering and Charging Your Electronic Devices on the Road

Travel Adapters, Converters and USB Chargers
Some countries have different electrical outlet standards than your home country, both in the type of plug used and the amount of AC voltage and frequency. Most operate either at 110V or 220V (plus or minus) and have one standard plug, but occasionally this can vary inside the country as well. Wikipedia has a page detailing the values and … [ Read more ]

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Book Readers (E-Readers)

Electronic book readers (eBook readers, e-book readers, e-readers, eReaders)[1] haven’t been around that long but are quickly gathering market momentum[2] and are quite naturally a great fit for the extended traveler. Spend a bit of time searching the Web for reviews and you will rarely come across a less-than-glowing opinion, and most of the negative writing you will encounter comes from … [ Read more ]

Review of Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

I began my first year-long trip in March 2009, starting off on Isla Mujeres, Mexico and traveling through all of Central America (except for Belize). I had done a fair amount of research online before going and everyone seemed to say the same thing – pack light! Many also said that the things one packs tends to expand (or shrink) to fit the size … [ Read more ]