Travel Video: Traditional Dance in Perú

The boleto turístico (tourist ticket) in Cuzco, Perú allows entrance to multiple ruins and also to the Cuzco Cultural Art Center where there is a nightly traditional dance performance. Here is some video I took from that performance.

Travel Video: Iguazú (Iguaçu) Falls

The waterfalls at Iguazú (Argentina) and Iguaçu (Brazil) are a true marvel and are one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of South America. After spending many months in Argentina I left for Uruguay and a bit of Brazil before finally backtracking to visit these impressive falls. Here is some footage I shot.

Travel Video: Boca Juniors vs. River Plate

I was fortunate to see a Boca-River game, in Mendoza (part of a special summer tournament). The Mendoza stadium is smaller than in BsAs but it was still an electric environment and good experience. Especially fortunate since the next season River was relegated to second division.

Travel Video: Soy Tupizeña

After hiking all day near Tupiza, Boliva, I came across a restaurant and a nearby table was singing what I presume is a very traditional local song, Soy Tupizeña.

Travel Tips: Antarctica (Antártida) Travel Guide

I am one of the fairly small number of travelers who has been fortunate enough take a tour to Antarctica. Unlike for others, it hasn’t been a specific goal of mine for a very long time. Rather, as I started contemplating my lengthy travels in Central and South America, I started hearing about Ushuaia, the “end of the world.” Then I started to hear … [ Read more ]

World Tango Stage (Escenario) Championship Videos

Being the world famous home of Tango, it only makes sense that the World Tango Championship was held here in August 2011. My roommate mentioned to me that tickets to the semi-final and final were available one day only and were free. I wanted to go earlier in the day but apparently the line was incredibly long so instead I went to see one of … [ Read more ]

Paragliding (Parapente) in San Gil, Colombia

I went paragliding (parapente) in San Gil, Colombia and made this video of the experience. I set the video to the music of one of Colombia’s most famous musicians, Juanes (yes, without proper permission, but in the spirit of promoting tourism in this amazing country). There are basically two parapente options. The first option is the one I did, is only available in … [ Read more ]