What Is a Favorite Place?

Frequent and lengthy travelers often get asked the question, “what is your favorite place?” Of course, some have a ready answer thanks to a truly moving experience where one place in particular captured their hearts, souls and/or bodies. But, many like myself have great difficulty answering the question. After thinking about it a bit I realized there are (at … [ Read more ]

My 7 Links and a Little More about Me

Like everyone else I had been seeing the 7 links phenomenon develop for a bit when suddenly I found myself nominated by Erin and Simon from Never Ending Voyage. To be honest, I was a bit surprised to be nominated. Why? That’s the “little more about me” part of this post.

While I am not shy or especially introverted (perhaps a bit in … [ Read more ]

How do you plan and track your travel?

I understand that a lot of travelers don’t plan much or spend much time organizing their travels. This post is for the rest of us who do at least want to make an effort. I will tell you the ad-hoc system I have cobbled together, admitting up front that I don’t consider it anywhere near perfect and hoping others will chime in with good/better suggestions.

Since … [ Read more ]

A Travel Confession: I Hate Traveling

OK, I don’t actually hate traveling, but what I want to admit is that what I really like is visiting places and meeting new people. The days when I have to pack up my gear and figure out lodging, transportation, etc. is rarely any fun. Even less so when I am leaving a place I really like. Thankfully, when you get to a new place … [ Read more ]

Sailing San Blas (Panamá) to Cartagena (Colombia) aboard the Sacanagem

When I started my trip in Mexico in March of 2009 I started hearing about the option of sailing from Panamá to Cartagena, Colombia, visiting the beautiful San Blas islands (also known as the Kuna Yala) en route. Sounded good to me! More than a year later I have realized that travel goal aboard a boat called the Sacanagem captained by Brazilian/French Federico Layolle. … [ Read more ]

Welcome: About LengthyTravel.com and Its Author

My name is Jeff Blum (JB). I have a fair amount of experience developing and running various websites but this is my first blog. Why now? Because I believe I have valuable advice and tips to share on how to travel for extended periods and work effectively while doing so.

I know there are some good blogs on the work/travel theme, but after following … [ Read more ]